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Elder Abuse: “Yes, It Can Happen to You”

Lamorinda Weekly, December 3, 2014

“Hi Grandma, it’s me your favorite grandson. I was in an accident…I’m fine, but if I report it, I’ll lose my insurance and driver’s license. Can you wire me money?” Or, so the story goes. These scams are prevalent, and even those with sound minds and good hearing are being taken for thousands of dollars every day…

Linda Fodrini-Johnson, MA, MFT, CMC, gives important safety tips on how to avoid fraud and protect yourself from phone scams.

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Q&A: How to Feel Closer to A Spouse with Alzheimer’s

spousal-caregivingWhen experts in the medical field are faced with a challenging question or complex issue, they often turn to trusted colleagues for professional input and support. Dr. Leslie Kernisan, a board-certified geriatrician and clinical instructor at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Department of Medicine, tackles difficult topics on a regular basis – in the classroom, at her own private practice, and online, through her educational blog, aimed at providing information and guidance to caregivers of older adults.

For her latest article, Dr. Kernisan contacted Linda Fordini-Johnson, Founder and Executive Director of Eldercare Services, to gain Linda’s knowledge and wisdom. In this blog post, Dr. Kernisan offers advice, along with Linda’s recommendations, to a husband caring for his wife who has Alzheimer’s.

Spousal caregiving can be extremely stressful and emotionally draining, but Linda has proven to be an invaluable resource in the realm of geriatric care management, having touched the lives of countless families with her decades of experience and passion for helping others.

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Bracing for the Falls – Older Adults at Risk

cdcAccording to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of fatal injury among older adults – and that one-third of Americans aged 65+ are injured in falls each year.

In “Bracing for the Falls of an Aging Nation”, New York Times writer Katie Hafner examines those frightening statistics and provides a series of fascinating videos that demonstrate the visual acuity of the aging eye and how easily falls can occur through misperception.

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Older adults can reduce their chances of falling by taking a few protective measures. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) recommends having a yearly eye exam by an optometrist and discussing any new medications with a pharmacist to identify those that may cause side effects of dizziness or drowsiness. Adequate calcium and vitamin D is important for bone health and both the CDC and NCOA promote regular exercise as the most important action older adults can take to help prevent hospitalization and loss of independence from fall-related injuries.

Additionally, during our no-charge Complementary Professional Assessment, an experienced Eldercare Services Care Manager can complete a free home safety check – which could point out some potential dangers to you or a family member. Don’t risk a fatal fall! Call Eldercare Services today at 866.760.1808 for more information.

NAPGCM Survey Finds a Growing and often Hidden Problem among the Elderly

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) September 24, 2014 — Self-neglect among the elderly is a growing problem that commonly goes unreported, according to a new survey issued by the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM).

Tragic cases like the ones in this article can be avoided. Having a loving, skilled caregiver take care of specific needs will give you and your loved ones the means to a higher quality of life. Our caregivers provide a variety of in-home and/or live-in services that support your family member in being able to maintain their independence and live with dignity in their home environment for as long as possible.

If you are concerned about an aging loved one living alone, call Eldercare Services at (866) 760-1808 and schedule an in-home Complimentary Professional Assessment today. Click here to read full article >>

WEBINAR – “Proactive Aging” with Linda Fodrini-Johnson: Options & Resources for Ourselves or Our Parents

Senior Financial Planner Mary Ballin, Mosaic Financial Partners, Inc., interviews Linda Fodrini-Johnson, the co-founder of Eldercare Answers, a geriatric care management agency in northern California.

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Good Neighbors. Good Health.

A University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study in the United States found that “having good neighbors and feeling connected to others in the local community may help to curb an individual’s heart attack risk.”

If you have a family member over the age of 75 who does not live in a neighborhood conducive to socialization, consider meeting with a Professional Geriatric Care Manager to discuss what his or her options are. One solution may be a personal assistant who teams with the isolated family member to volunteer in the community together! Call Eldercare Services at 866.760.1808

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Between 55 and 64 Years Old? It’s Time to Have Life Your Way!

Lamorinda Weekly, July 30th, 2014

If you are between 55 and 64 years old, you are in the biggest age group of your generation, with over 9.8 million baby boomers in California alone! Some of you plan on working till 70 and many of you want to retire early because of plans to have a second “passion” career, to travel, to focus on a hobby or even to go back to school, but having an ill spouse, health challenges of your own or caring for an aging parent might derail your idea of life at this stage. Linda Fodrini-Johnson, MA, MFT, CMC, offers advice on planning, so these “pot holes” on the road of life don’t completely stop you…

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No, She Doesn’t Have Alzheimer’s Disease

Lamorinda Weekly, June 19, 2014

Linda Fodrini-Johnson, MA, MFT, CMC, speaks of the challenges when learning about a newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s patient.  Linda offers some “Tools Needed to Communicate” with someone who has a dementia. To read the article please click here.

Healthy aging into your 80s and beyond

Consumer Reports, June 2014
Linda Fodrini-Johnson, MA, MFT, CMC, is quoted in this issue that discusses 5 keys to a long, healthful life. To read the article please click here.

A Celebration of Service

Lamorinda Weekly, April 23, 2014
Linda Fodrini-Johnson, MA, MFT, CMC, and Bruce Johnson, along with their staff and community professionals celebrate Eldercare Services’ 25th anniversary on March 13, 2014.   To read the article please click here.