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Professional Geriatric Care Management | Family Coaching | Senior Advocacy

“Our Care Manager has been a loving lifeline to me and my family. She has eased our worry at being so far from our aunt.”-Judith, Client’s Niece,
Victoria, Canada

Physically caring for an aging family member can be hard. However, it’s often the emotional drain that takes a greater toll.

Learning to live with dementia, while respecting a loved one’s dignity as they become more dependent is not easy. Most of us are not familiar with these issues and can use help understanding them. For some personal insight on a few families struggles check our client stories page.

Legal, financial and medical decisions can have a long-lasting effect. Making the right decisions can be tough and sometimes confusing.  We rely a great deal on our professional partners, and value their years of experience in helping guide our care managers.

Our trained and certified Care Managers/family coaches help family members get the best care for their loved ones by:

• Removing confusion around medical, legal, and financial options
• Avoiding a crisis and unnecessary trips to the hospital
• Helping families communicate better
• Creating a care plan that sees problems before they happen
• Offering referrals to specialists
• Connecting families at a distance by monitoring care
• Helping seniors move to or from retirement facilities
• Moving to assisted care or nursing homes

Our Signature Service combines Home Care and Care Management and is designed to work together in support of the family AND the elder or special needs adult.  Sometimes Care Management is the only option that is needed.  Either way, you have a choice.

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