Good Germs & Bad Germs

Eldercare Germ Blog

In researching some information for an upcoming newsletter, I came across some interesting facts about the “good germs”.   The bad germs are why we have been using those antibacterial soaps and scrubbing our hands.  The washing of hands is a great habit, but plain old soap is just as effective and might be better for Read More

Would You Want to Know You Were Going to Get Alzheimer’s?


According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, scientists think in the next few years they will have a blood test for predicting Alzheimer’s that is almost 90% accurate.   Some bioethicists claim this information could be devastating for individuals and family and color all dimensions of life with a dark crayon. However, both the Alzheimer’s Association Read More

Memories: The Building Blocks of Our Lives


Even if we can’t remember the details, we can use our early experiences, our memories, to bring back smiles, laughter or tears. Nevertheless, these early memories are what make us who we are today. Some of us have only positive memories of our childhood, while others may have a tough time due to our unique Read More

Missing Mom…After the Grief

Sitting in my home office, with mom’s cat on my lap as I type, brings both a smile and a pain to my heart. It has been two years since her passing at the age of 91. I don’t think we truly heal completely from the loss of a parent – whatever the relationship was Read More

Alzheimer’s at Young Ages – “Still Alice”

Julianne Moore does an incredible job at playing the part of brilliant, 50-year-old college professor “Alice” who recognizes her own symptoms of a brain disorder – thinking, of course, that it must be a brain tumor. She was forgetting words and directions with more frequency; her normal thought process seemed just a little “out of Read More

Making Blankets for Trevor’s Eagle Blanket Foundation


The Eldercare Services team gathered ‘round the tables again, just like the last 4 years, to craft like holiday elves in our annual winter tradition: making cozy, warm blankets to donate to Trevor’s Eagle Blanket Foundation. Trevor was born with a congenital heart defect that took his life in 2009, shortly after his 16th birthday.  Read More