Working with overwhelmed families who need guidance with those tough decisions for their loved one...

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"What you offer at Eldercare Services can and does make a world of difference for seasoned citizens and their families in the midst of change." Ruth Ann, People Meeting Christ

Contact us to receive a complimentary, in-depth phone assessment to see if we can help lighten your load to get you back to your everyday life, with less worries…

For immediate assistance and a complimentary, in-depth phone assessment, call:

Weekdays 9am – 8pm
Weekends 9am – 5pm

Toll Free: (866) 760-1808
Local: (925) 937-2018

Email Us with any questions you have, and we will respond by the next business day.

Client Services, Classes and Speakers
Lindsay Freeman
Client Services Representative
(925) 937-2018

Jobs Contact

To send your resume please attach it to the your email when the window opens. This can generally be done by either clicking the paper clip icon and then selecting the appropriate file or by clicking on the “Insert” button then selecting “File” and choosing the file to be attached. We prefer resumes be in either Word or PDF files.

For Professionals contact:
Vicki Cucarola
Human Resources Director
(925) 937-2018

For Caregiving Opportunities contact:
Kimm Robinson
Home Care Services Recruiter
(925) 937-2018, (510) 663-2010 or (415) 469-8300

Business Development and Partnering Opportunities

Karen Mudd
Director of Marketing and Business Development
(925) 937-2018

Press and Media Relations, Advertising, Marketing Inquiries

Karen Mudd
Director of Marketing and Business Development
(925) 937-2018